dec 17Join us for our FREE webinar series, ‘Liability Concerns for Small Businesses – How to Manage Risk in Today’s World’. Through a series of 30-minute sessions, we will cover legal topics relevant to small businesses during these challenging times.

Presenters Judith Keene and guest speakers will discuss issues such as:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Intellectual property development and protection
  • Employer/employee issues
  • Landlord/tenant negotiations
  • And more


As you know, digital marketing is an essential part to owning a small business in the Pikes Peak Region. At the top of the digital marketing realm is search engine optimization (SEO), easily the most important...arguably the most confusing.

In this workshop, we will simplify the basics you need to know about making your business visible on Google in today's market.

We'll cover:

-Keys to successful ranking in search engines
-SEO techniques that are working for local small businesses
-Optimizing your digital presence for both humans and computer algorithms
-Making your business visible online (ads, social media, Google Maps, etc) -Q&A Session


This interactive workshop will help small businesses and non-profits develop strategies for surviving an economic downturn, and provides the tools and methodologies to PIVOT quickly, efficiently and find new market niches. Based on The Lean Startup method, created by Eric Ries, designed to drive startup and existing business and teach them -how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration. This interactive workshop is intended to be foundationally implemented at our small businesses as part of a continuous improvement mindset: allowing frequent pivots and a more nimble approach to changing situations. We seek to establish an ongoing “Strive to Thrive” mentality in our small businesses as opposed to a “Scramble to Survive” one. The result...small businesses that plan for and adapt to change will THRIVE as a result. Need more help? We are happy to assist you in the PIVOT process sign up for free confidential consulting at

Speaker(s): Adrian Reif - Adrian spends his time coaching mission-driven companies and entrepreneurs as a fractional Chief Strategy Officer along with on-the-ground tactical execution on marketing, branding, operations, and capital raising. Adrian has previously facilitated multi-day Lean Startup and Lean Business Model Canvas workshops and trainings and is a TEDx speaker and founded several startup companies.

Co-Sponsor(s): Chaffee, Lake & Park Counties, Central Mountain SBDC, West Central SBDC and Northwest Colorado SBDC.

If you have any trouble viewing this on-demand workshop please call Jamie at 719-221-0374 or email

Topic: Managing a Business

Workshop by Adrian Reif and Mansi Kakkar. With the world facing major challenges now, in the short-term, and over the next fifty years, business is poised to solve these challenges, but will it solve them doing business as usual? Regenerative Innovation is an emerging field that allows organizations such as businesses to understand the complex systems they operate in and the complex problems they’re (hopefully) working to solve. Ultimately, entrepreneurs and business leaders will need to create products, places, processes, and business models that empower people and heal the planet. Otherwise, there is no marketplace to do business in. In turn, such an approach can carve out deep market leadership, ensure relevance, and begin building a world that works for everyone. In this session, we will explore how you can uplevel your business model to become a game-changing leader while also doing good. Come prepared to ask yourself hard questions, roll up your sleeves and tinker, and also have fun while doing it.

Speaker(s): Adrian Reif has been a social entrepreneur and investor for over a decade, growing his first company from a farmers’ market stand to sold in over 6,000 grocery stores. Now, Adrian’s company, Incredible, helps ambitious orgs rethink how to fix the future. He’s also the author of The Do-Gooder's Guide to Investing, a guide for anyone who wants to align their money and their values. Mansi Kakkar calls herself a pattern transcriber and convenes explorative conversations for regeneration. She has been working in the field of design and innovation for the last 14 years has traveled the length and breadth of this world-building capacity in innovation labs tackling the most complex problems facing humanity. All this experience is being synthesized in an upcoming book ‘Regenerative Innovation’, releasing in 2021. Mansi is also an artist, dancer, poet, and performer. When not filling her office wall with post-its, she spends time making regenerative memes for kicks.

Co-Sponsor(s): West Central SBDC, Northwest SBDC, and Central Mountain SBDC. Buena Vista Chamber, Salida Chamber, Salida Business Alliance, and our hosts of Chaffee, Lake, and Park counties.

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Process analysis can be pretty scary for a lot of small business owners. In this workshop, we will learn that Lean concepts are actually simple and fun.  The basics of process management will be taught, as well as real-world tools you can use right away for your organization. 

Presented by Scott Van Ness
Instructor of Operations Management, UCCS